Naguras are small stones used to make knifes and swords razor-sharp.
The word comes from the Japanese language and means 'correction'.

We don't use knifes or swords anymore these days to make quality software at Naguras but we like to think of ourselves as sharp coders, razor-sharp coders that is. 

Our Experience Shows!

Consider us for your next project.

Take a look at our portfolio of products we created in recent years.
We are good in shrink-wrapped Windows desktop products.

We love to make easy-to-use user interfaces and deliver complete products, 
including user manuals, installers and - if needed - registration and activation services.

If you can read Dutch, take a look at this review in PC Magazine of one of our products.

Our expertise covers the following technologies
          • Dot net and c#
          • SQL Server
          • Windows Forms
          • Click-once web installation & automatic updating
          • User Interface design and implementation
          • Understandable user manual & guides
          • WCF and SOAP Webservices
          • ASP NET MVC web applications
We are currently porting our accounting software to iPad & Windows 8.

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